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Your primary alias will always be your cell phone number (e.g. You can’t delete this alias but it can be de-activated (for example, if you are receiving spam). You are able to add 4 additional aliases which can all be used as email addresses, for example your name, your company name or a nickname.

You can’t choose other cell phone numbers as an alias or an alias that has already been chosen by another customer.

Email size limit
Each mailbox will be limited to 500MB of space. All email, contacts and calendar items stored in the mailbox contributes to this space and once the 500MB size limit has been reached you won’t be able to receive new emails.

You will be notified via SMS when you have reached 90% of your limit and again once you have reached the 500MB limit so that you can delete old or large emails. Anyone sending you emails when your email box is over the size limit will receive a response explaining why the email has not been delivered.

There is a sending size limit of 5MB per email.

SMS Notification
An SMS notification for new emails will be available as an option. Whenever a new email is received an SMS notification is sent containing the subject line of the email. The default setting for this SMS notification is off but you can turn it on (and off) via the web on the settings page. These SMS notifications are free.

You can choose the time period within which you would like to receive these SMS messages. There are 3 periods including "Any Time", "8am to 5pm" and "8am to 10pm". If new emails arrive outside your chosen time slot, you won’t not be notified of these messages at all (we don’t store notification SMS’s to send later).

Your email password is independent of your My MTN Mail PIN, and can be changed at any time without affecting your My MTN Mail PIN.

You can only change your password from the email web page under the settings section. You must have your cell phone with you we’ll send you an SMS containing a randomly generated code and you’ll need to type this code back into the web page in order to confirm your identity.

Reading email
The main way to retrieve emails is by using the web site. You can read, sort and delete messages using this interface. All the settings are also only available via this interface.

You can use any email client that supports POP3 for receiving email and SMTP for sending email. The two most popular methods of email retrieval for POP3 and SMTP are:
  • a compatible cell phone with a built in email client
  • a PC with an installed email client such as Outlook/Outlook Express

The POP3 setting is:
The SMTP setting is:

Cell Phones
Some more advanced cell phones support email by including POP3 and SMTP access to email servers. If you are on the move then these phones allow you to keep up to date with emails. Please note that on some phones if you download emails using POP3 on your cell phone then they may no longer be available via the website.

PC Client
If you use a PC client to download email then the emails will no longer be available via the website. Please note that you can only send emails using the SMTP server if using an MTN data connection (eg: MTN Data Card or using an MTN cell phone as a modem).

At this time the service does not support IMAP settings for retrieving emails.

Mailboxes will be automatically deleted after 4 months of inactivity (this means no web logins and no popped/sent mail).

Before your mailbox is deleted, you'll get 3 SMS reminders informing you that your mailbox will be deleted unless you log on or send an email. This will happen 1 week before, 2 days before and 1 day before your mailbox is deleted. If your mailbox is deleted, you will lose all of your messages, contacts and calendar items. There is no way to retrieve them.

You’ll be able to create new folders within your email box. You can move emails within these folders.

Filters are used to automatically place new received emails into certain folders. For example you could set a rule to have all emails from a specific email address placed into a specific folder.

SPAM and Virus checks
All incoming and outgoing email is automatically checked for SPAM and Viruses. Emails that contain Viruses will be automatically deleted. Emails that are identified as SPAM are put into your SPAM folder. You can review this folder. Any messages older than 30 days in your SPAM folder will be automatically deleted.

Since SPAM and Virus checking are not 100% accurate it is possible that some messages may be let through. SPAM filters will be continually updated to keep abreast of new spamming techniques.

Contact Us
If you are having problems with email and can not find the answers here then please email feedback at or call 173 from your MTN cell phone.

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